Padise Stable Add-on

Located in the Village of Padise in Northern Estonia, this seminar and workshop
center was designed as an additional part of an existing stables. Spanning
approximately 1000 square metres, the existing stables had already an ongoing
restoration project. The seminar center was designed to complement the existing
area and its aesthetics. Using the same shape, the new area was attached to the
side of the existing building. Large construction elements from the existing building
are incorporated. In contrast to the new materials and spatial solutions they add to
and complement the sense of history from the original building.

The first floor consists of an entrance hall with a storage space, an open kitchen
area and an activity space of around fifty square meters. Aside from the seminar
room, administrative and technical blocks are also planned.

A separate entrance space has also been planned in order to enter the existing
building area. The second floor has around a hundred and thirty square meters of
open seminar hall with a separate kitchen area and WC space.

The entrance to the second floor is also accessible through an open terrace, which
also has external stairs.


Public, Timber




Padise, Estonia


Mihkel Urmet, Taavi Kunigas, Helina Niitvähi


ca 1000 m²

Project Year:



Padise Tall


(under construction)


(under construction)