Villa Romantic

Categories: Residential

Villa Romantic was designed for a large family. It’s situated on the banks of gulf of Finland. The building follows the traditional form of local architecture – keeping sauna and the house separate but defending the inneryard from the cold seawinds. A tunnel in the middle of the house gives a pass to the inner patio and also solves the entrances to the living area and the sauna. Half of the sleeping area is settled on the first floor (3 bedrooms for 4 people) and the rest (3 bedrooms for 4 people) are situated on the second floor. The hallway between rooms has skylights between rafters crating a unimaginable light and welcomes people to a large livingroom with kitchen, with views to the sea and inner garden. In the summertime living area extends to a huge balcony with points to the bay.

Author: Mihkel Urmet
Area: 160m²
Year: 2011
Client: private

Photos: Marina Puškar