TreePOD treehouse by TEMPT

TEMPT has started to develop our own treehouse product line. The first two models are ready and will be presented in EcoBuild in London, March 2014. The model TreePOD is smaller, with 6m² net floor area, it can accommodate 3 adults easily or a family with 2 kids. It has an option to have a little wood stove for heating and cooking. The possibilities for this small treehouse are limitless. A whole camp can be formed from TreePODs or it can be a birdwatch tower for ornithologists as there are openable wall panels, which form as little terraces for the treehouse. Sideopenings can also be used for commuting between several treehouses via suspension bridges. There is an option to have a separate terrace module with shade on an adjacent tree.
TreePOD has plenty of storage space to accommodate users belongings under the floor or on the hanging net under the roof. So the floor is kept clean and can be used effectively. There is also 360° shelf for books, going around the interior perimeter above the windows.
The most suitable tree for the TreePOD is a single straight standing pine or spruce, but there is always the possibility to make necessary changes for other situations. It can be hung between trees to free up space inside where the tree trunk would otherwise be. One possibility is to install your own “tree” into the ground using a wooden column. Then it can stand between smaller trees and have a visually similar identity, but installation is secure and long lasting.
TreePOD can be ordered directly from TEMPT. You can contact us and we can make you a price offer which then takes account for different needs for different clients – custom options such as material palette, stove, size alterations, trasportation and installation can be considered. We are mostly interested in resellers who can distribute our treehouses in different markets.
Modifications and additions to the models are in progress. There is going to be a model of TreePOD which can be on the ground like a little teahouse. Also a suspendable model is in progress.
Custom-made variations will also be on offer, and it should be noted that all of our designs are especially constructed and installed so as not to cause any harm to the tree.

Author: Armin Valter
Area: 6m²
Year: 2014
Client: open for orders

Price: 9000-15000€ + VAT (price does not include transportation and installation)