TreeCAB multiuse livingunit by TEMPT

Categories: Design Residential

TEMPT has started to develop its own prefabricated Treehouse products. Models of two of these products where exhibited at Ecobuild in London during March 2014. The TreeCAB model is the bigger of the two, with 28m2 net floor area and can easily accommodate up to 6 people. With a basic kitchen, DC, shower and fireplace within the Living Room, the utilisation possibilities of this unit are limitless. Architecturally the TreeCAB is designed so that it fits easily on trees and in the case of no suitable trees it can be installed on the ground. A minimum of two trees are required to install this unit, furthermore this unit can also be installed as a floating home.
Modifications and additions to the existing models are in progress, for example an additional TreeCAB model is planned which will be half the size of this model.
Custom-made variations will also be on offer, and it should be noted that all of our designs are specially constructed and installed so as not to cause any harm to the tree.

Author: Taavi Kuningas
Area: 28m²
Year: 2014
Client: open for orders

Price: 25000-45000€ + VAT (price does not include transportation and installation)