Ruila elementary school gym

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Ruila school is located in an old manor house – its a quite typical situation in Estonian rural areas and typically these old manor-schools do not have proper gyms. The task to put a new big volume in old historic environment was quite difficult. The design period took years and finally the third project version was realized. The new gym volume is set back in the shade of old manor barn and the entrance is under the barn roof. The gym and park have strong visual connection through glass facade, so the park landscape is visible from gym and activities in the gym are visible from park. Dominating building material in construction and facade is wood. To make the building outlook more sportive and dynamic the facade pattern is designed like a chessboard or finish flag pattern. The gym is now important object in local cultural life, because there are also other activities like singing, dancing etc. going on.

Author: Taavi Kuningas
Area:  1400 m²
Year: 2006