Maxima XX mall

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In 2011, the real estate developer Fausto organized an architectural competition to build a new Maxima mall in Tartu and TEMPT won. The site is near an old brick church and Raadi cemetery gate – these are some of the main reasons why the house turned out so abstract. Maxima shopping chain marks their mall sizes with an X symbol, where X is smallest, XX is medium and XXX the biggest store. We drew Xs side by side creating a pattern for the facade, which turned spatial. The facade is made from rusted metal sheets. One main goal for the building was the apperance at night time, as in Estonia there’s a short time for daylight in wintertime and people are visitng shops mainly in the evenings, after work. The building won the title House of the year in Tartu 2012.

Author: Taavi Kuningas
Area: 4000 m²
Year: 2011
Client: Fausto
Drawings: Humana Grupp
Photos: Tõnu Tunnel