Harkujärve elementary school gym

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The existing schoolhouse was built in an old manor’s horse stable and octagonal limestone riding ground with tower. The school had no gym, the budget was small and the building’s condition was problematic. So we combined simple boxes, wood, glass, stone and metal to find an easy, nice, functional and cheap solution. The new building consists of two main parts – the support facilities, which are clad in natural wood, and the gym, which is a black metallic structure. Main: its street orientated facade is partitioned to get a more organic outlook and the washrooms have circular windows. The gym remains behind, in line with the minimalist tone. Between the old and new buildings is a microgarden where children can play and relax.

Author: Taavi Kuningas
Area: 800 m²
Year: 2012
Client: Harku commune administration
Photos: Tõnu Tunnel